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The links contained in this Blog are articles that I have found interesting. Many of them have to do with Human Behavior; the others I just found interesting. Human Behavior What a Trip is all about the Human Condition. Humanity is amazing; the time that we spend on this planet is finite and can never [...]

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A Slice of Life – with Jonathan J. Brower, PHD – Really Listening

Really Listening Seven-year-old Billy begins to speak of a recent nightmare. “Dad, it was really scary. These monsters were out to get me. They are holding me upside down, over a cliff, and they were going to drop me over a thousand feet. I was…” “Wait a minute, hold on Billy,” Dad cautions with a [...]

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A Slice of Life by Jonathan J. Brower, PHD – Communication more than Words

A Slice of Life - with Jonathan J. Brower, PHD #jonathanbrowerphd Communication more than Words People cannot not communicate. They may refuse to utter sounds, intelligle or otherwise, but they communicate, nevertheless. Constantly we are sending signals, not only with our word, but also with our body posture, facial expressions, breathing patters, dryness/moistness and temperature [...]

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A Slice of Life – Journal / Dairy Keeping with Jonathan Brower PHD

A Slice of Life - With Jonathan Brower PHD #jonathanbrowerphd Journal / Diary Keeping Keeping a diary is something that only young girls do, right? Wrong. Diary or journal (I use the terms interchangeably) writing is a method of self-exploration that is used by adults in many walks of life. Let me suggest how you [...]

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Just a Second

We've got a big problem, at least in North America.  What's the problem?  The problem is that we expect quick results NOW much of the time.  Bart Simpson goes nuts when he has to wait thirty seconds to have his non-nutritious pop-tart heated in the microwave.  We're in a nation of quick fixes, quick twitters, [...]

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Anxiety: What’s The Fear?

Anxiety is a serious problem for a significant amount of people worldwide.  When people have anxiety they generally do not know what their anxiety is about.  They may conjure up some notion, such as "I can't stand my boss at the office."  But this is just a vague notion.  It really gets them nowhere.  It [...]

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Speaking One’s Truth

Jonny is eight years old.  He walks over to his mother, and with strong conviction, tells her, "Mom, I'm so angry at you.  I want to pull your eyes out of your head and take a big sharp knife and stab you in the heart ." If you were the mom what would you say [...]

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A Boy and His Dog and What Happened That Went So Wrong

One day my father came home with an adorable twelve week young German Shepherd.  My sister and I were so excited to have this new friend.  My father was enthralled with the dog, too. Within minutes of holding and petting the female puppy, we named it Babe.  My mother, taking all this in from a [...]

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T’s About Time

Time is one of our most important commodities.  Our time on planet earth expires when we die. Let's take a stark look at time. In a year (not counting leap years that occur every four years) there are 365 days.  365 days X 24 hours = 8,760 hours per year.  8,760 hours X 60 minutes [...]

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Eye, Eye, When Do We Blind Ourselves

The eyes have it. How often do you blind yourself so that you keep yourself away from yourself and others.  I must say, this eye (the eye ball) and the other I, yeah ME, the owner of what I do and don't do to avoid emotional closeness, is a huge and roaming problem for millions, [...]

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