Emotional Abuse in Children

Much of the work on emotional abuse has been written about adult relationships, yet children, pre-teens and teens have their own unique needs in these very important formative years. There are certain experiences, such as secure attachment, that need to be met in order for children to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, they do not always have [...]

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How To Let Go Of What You Think Life “Should” Be Like

Thanks to many years of hearing about other people’s expectations (and developing plenty of our own), we’re prone to having rather fixed ideas of what life “should” be like. However, this approach is problematic for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it confines you, stopping you from thinking or dreaming outside of parameters you previously set [...]

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15 Life-Changing Psychology Tricks To Try

As our understanding of cognitive science and psychology steadily advances, we learn amazing new information that isn’t only fascinating in its own right but also capable of influencing our success and happiness. Some of this cutting edge data can be used to improve your internal life, while other research can transform your interactions with others. [...]

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5 Ways to Manage Workplace Anxiety

So you wake up Monday morning and realize that last night’s anxiety is still with you. But that’s not all. You also soon realize that you have to be at work in a couple of hours and pretend like you’re not feeling terrible, which is a real special kind of double whammy. It’s something I [...]

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Can You Distract Yourself from Fear?

Is it possible to distract yourself from fear? Fear is a basic human reaction, an instinct even, to something we perceive as a threat to our safety or general wellbeing. It sounds an alarm in the brain and kicks the fight-or-flight response into gear. When we are afraid, we want to run from what it [...]

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7 Ways to Prevent Anxiety Relapse

Breaking free from high stress and anxiety is no easy task. But once you do manage to break away how do you prevent them from coming back? Well, although you can’t ensure permanent remission of high anxiety, you can certainly do a lot to avoid it in the future. You can also do a lot [...]

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Emotions, Logic, and Wise Mind

In DBT™, you learn about three states of mind: Emotion mind, rational mind, and wise mind. Living your life in either emotion mind or rational mind is not effective. In emotion mind, your emotions are in control. They overwhelm you.  To make good decisions, you need the information you get from your emotions, such as [...]

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Heavy Use of Social Media Linked to Depression in Young Adults

New research suggests the more time young adults use social media, the more likely they are to be depressed. Investigators from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine believe the findings could help clinical and public health entities better care for depression. The study does not, however, establish causation. Depression is expected to become the [...]

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“Vulnerable” Narcissism and Making Amends

Making proper amends is hard work, even for someone with a relatively healthy personality. But it’s a particular challenge for someone with narcissistic traits in their character. Whether we’ve hurt someone else intentionally or unintentionally, repairing a damaged relationship is often a slow, delicate, and painstaking process. It’s not the kind of undertaking that narcissistic [...]

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Mental Health Awareness: Understanding Depression

There has been a little more attention to the importance of mental health lately in the news.  It’s great to get people aware of mental health and learn more about mental health and the diseases associated with them.  There is much more to understand beyond the stigmas. Let’s get a better understanding about depression.   [...]

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