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Dr. Brower – TV / Radio Show Personality and Author

My interest in Human Behavior and what motivates us began for me, when I was seven years old. Like snowflakes, the nuances of human behavior are never exact, but always theoretically infinite.

At the age of fourteen I became interested in long distance running, and at that age I decided that the livestyle to attain the ability to compete required the mental convictions and understanding of Human Behavior. Since then I have run more than 50 Marathons and competed in 20 plus triathlons of various distances.

I went to University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). Student / Athlete and graduated with a B.A. degree in Sociology, 1966; a Masters Degree in Sociology in 1969, and then a Ph.D. in Sociology at UCSB in 1972.  

My dissertation, The Black Side of Football: The Salience of Race, included 364 pages. Part of the study was done at the summer training camps of the San Francisco 49ers to find out the intrinsic day-to-day parts of the players, coaches, and the front office. I became a professor of sociology at California State University, 1972 – 1999.  My main interest was the overlap of sociology & social psychology. 

In 1979, I co-authored with Lewis Yablonsky, The Little League Game: How Kids, Coaches, and Parents Really Play It. I formed a running club called In The Long Run…a Group for Runners.  There were about 200 members who enjoyed the club.  Lots of energy and enthusiasm and understanding the Human Behavior that make people compete. From 1974 – 1983, I had a weekly radio show at KPFK in Los Angeles.   The title of my radio show was “A Sociologists Eye on Sport.” I’ve had a weekly column in the Acorn, a newspaper in Thousand Oaks, CA., that ran for 10 years in which I wrote 800 words or so a week.  From about 1978 through 1984, I worked with LaRue Harcourt, an agent for many major league baseball players, mostly pitchers. I would go with Mr. Harcourt and his players, to consult on behalf of the player with their new team. LaRue and I would negotiate with team management to get what the player wanted.

I am a psychotherapist in private practice since 1984.  My degree is a M.S. (Masters of Science).  My specialty is Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.  This specific type of psychotherapy helps clients get to the core of the issues in a precise way

My experience with Human Behavior allows me to speak about the important parts of making a business thrive. Listening is the key to Sales. A potential prospect will tell you why or why not they may buy. Organization is the key to running a smooth business without hick-ups.

Managing the Human Behavior of a person can be complicated, these are examples of areas that I can speak on:

·         Removing procrastination;

·         The nuances of how to close a Sale and ask for the order;

·         The inability to ask when a task is not completely understood;

·         Taking responsibility for one’s failures with a task; or

·         Wanting the pat on the back when one succeeds.

These and other issues are areas that have been used to help businesses, sports entities, families, and business owners get the best results for what they need.  As always most people want to be successful with their lives and accomplish their desire to succeed. That is what I do.

I can be reached at 818-707-4557 or you can view my websites which are:

My rates are based on length of time and the subject to discuss and of course; references upon request.