Theodore LeLeaux Jr. was set after a Fresno County judge determined he no longer posed a threat to society.

Police discovered the body of Kenneth Carlock, 25, inside his apartment on June 5, 1984.  He had been stabbed 77 times.

The then-23-year-old LeLeaux was arrested on suspicion of burglary the day after the attack.  Investigators found Carlock’s heart in LeLeaux jacket pocket.

The judge has some bad judgment and is way too cavalier about what has taken place.

The relevancy of the 77 stabbings is somewhat immaterial. Whether the first stabbing killed Kenneth Carlock or the first dozen stabbings or the third dozen stabbings or more killed him, once the man was dead he was dead.

Mr. LeLeaux  killed Mr. Carlock.  How does the judge come to the conclusion that Mr.LeLeaux is no longer a threat to society?

Mr. Carlock’s heart was later found in LeLeaux’s jacket pocket. Shouldn’t one or more  of Mr. Carlock’s relatives have the right of owning the dead heart  or disposing of it if there was a stipulation or legal provision for such an event?

Medical schools have cadavers so that medical students can learn about the anatomy of human beings.

There is more to learn.

Mr.LeLeaux had some intense impulses toward the man and his heart, known as Mr. Carlock.  Mr. Carlock was not the main person who LeLeaux wanted to kill.  Mr. Leleaux  likely had intense impulses of wanting to destroy and/or to love people in his life, most likely his mother and/or father or other specific  adults.

Mr. LeLeaux is a danger to society.  His murderous rage impulses are a huge problem.  For most people who have fantasies with their rage and love, it is just fantasy.  They can distinguish between fantasy and reality.   O.J. Simpson, former football player, is a clear example of someone who could not contain his murderous rage.

Mr. LeLeaux is out of prison; he was released mid November of 2014.  Most likely he’s still not all that stable in terms of his impulses and fantasies.   Would a lobotomy be a good idea?

There’s a huge problem with what to do with the people being stuck in prisons.

There also is a huge problem of people who are stuck in prison and they are truly innocent.

What’s the way to get it right?

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