The links contained in this Blog are articles that I have found interesting. Many of them have to do with Human Behavior; the others I just found interesting. Human Behavior What a Trip is all about the Human Condition. Humanity is amazing; the time that we spend on this planet is finite and can never be replaced. The knowledge that we gain from behavior may make our time on this planet more interesting.

I hope you enjoy these articles as I have.

Have a good day.

Jonathan Brower, PHD MFT

Hits Keep Coming

by Nathan Fenno


LAPD Study A Narrow Look At Discipline

by Richard Winton


Syrian Victims Of Sexual Crime Live In Silence

by Raja Abdulrahim


Mayor’s Tumultuous Public And Private Life

by Victoria Kim


Behind The Grand Jury Door

by Michael Muskal


Pope Francis Announces Plan To Visit Philadelphia

by Tom Kington


State Of Emergency In Ferguson

by Molly Hennessy-Fiske


Polar Bear Numbers Plunge, Report Says

by Michael Muskal


The Case For A War Vote

by Adam Schiff


a shirt and its backlash

by Jonah Goldberg


CVS Program Isn’t Rewarding For Customers

by david lazarus


Universal Pictures Aims For A Bigger Role In China

by Julie Makinen



Seeking Faster Web Speeds At Schools

by Jim Puzzanghera


Truck Drivers’ Strike Widens At Ports

by Andrew Khouri


Kaiser Clinics Inside Targets

by Chad Terhune


Back Seat For Body Language

by Hugo Martin


2 Makers Talk Up Fuel Cell Vehicles

by Charles Fleming


Story Changes, Tragedy Remains

by Sandy Banks


A City Of Cells?

by Kate Linthicum


A Casualty Of Poverty: Learning

by Teresa Watanabe


Man Killed By Deputies Had Replica .45

by Matt Stevens


2 USC Students’ Killer Is Given Life In Prison

by Marisa Gerber


Chained Puppy Chews Off Paw

by Veronica Rocha


Manson, 80, Plans To Marry Woman, 26

by Christine Mai-Duc