As our understanding of cognitive science and psychology steadily advances, we learn amazing new information that isn’t only fascinating in its own right but also capable of influencing our success and happiness.

Some of this cutting edge data can be used to improve your internal life, while other research can transform your interactions with others.

Here are 15 of the best psychology tricks to try—use them, and see how they can change your life!

1. To Get More Information

If you’ve asked someone a question but only received a partial reply, give them a few seconds. If you stay silent and hold eye contact, the other person will usually start talking again. This technique helps you avoid social awkwardness and helps you get the information you need.

2. To Immediately Feel Confident

You may be surprised by the effectiveness of adopting the “power stance”, i.e. standing with your legs apart and your arms spread out so that you cover as much space as possible. If you do this for just two minutes, you flood your body with testosterone and will instantly feel more self-assured.

3. To Tell If Someone Is Watching You

Wondering if someone attractive is checking you out, or worrying that someone may be being nosy about whatever you’re doing? Simply check your watch, and see what the person does. If they’re actually watching you, they’ll usually automatically look at their own watch as well.

4. To Reduce Aggression

If you suspect that a family member or a colleague is going to give you a hard time at a dinner or a meeting, deliberately choose the seat directly next to them. They’ll feel much less comfortable with the idea of being hostile if you’re so close, and the event will go much more smoothly for you.

5. To Judge Closeness In A Group

When you want to learn about relationships and alliances in a group of colleagues (or even in a family setting), be observant when everyone starts laughing together. Whoever a person first looks at is typically the person they feel the closest to. By noticing who you want to look at when you’re laughing, you can also learn more about who you really like best.

6. To Make People Like You More

Interestingly, asking people to do favors for you makes them more likely to like you more than merely offering to do favors for them. One theory is that asking someone for a favor indicates that you trust and value them, and they warm to you in response (because you’ve made them feel good).

7. To Convince People To Agree With You

If you need to be at your most persuasive, try nodding while you’re asking someone for something or trying to convince them of an important point. This subconscious cue is proven to make others more likely to agree with you.

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