Recent studies have revealed that people with eating disorder engage in self-harm. Self-harm is  defined as non-lethal harm done to the self. It can include minor burns, cutting the skin, or even knowingly engaging in the symptoms of the eating disorder. People with binge eating disorder might engage in self-harm.

Self-Harm Can Be A Symptom of Binge Eating Disorder

Mental health problems, such as binge eating disorder, can lead to self-harm behaviors.
Since my binge eating disorder is comorbid with my bipolar disorder, I have self-harmed in the past and, unfortunately, still struggle with it. I didn’t really think about how my self-harm related to my eating disorder until I realized just how much guilt and shame I felt about my lack of control over my eating and my body.

Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms As Self-Harm

There is a link between binge eating disorder and self-harm. Binge eating disorder can become part of the self-harm if not kept in check.

It never occurred to me that part of my eating could be considered self-harm until, one night, I was planning out my evening. It went something like this, I’m going to go home, do my school work, then watch some Netflix and eat until it hurts. It’s possible for anyone to eat until they feel physical discomfort or even pain. But since my gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, it doesn’t take much for me to overfill my sleeve.

I don’t always overeat with the intent to hurt myself. But far too often, I find myself craving the feeling of not just being full, but being full to the point of experiencing reflux and pain.

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