A Slice of Life – with Jonathan J. Brower, PHD – Really Listening

Really Listening Seven-year-old Billy begins to speak of a recent nightmare. “Dad, it was really scary. These monsters were out to get me. They are holding me upside down, over a cliff, and they were going to drop me over a thousand feet. I was…” “Wait a minute, hold on Billy,” Dad cautions with a [...]

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A Slice of Life – Journal / Dairy Keeping with Jonathan Brower PHD

A Slice of Life - With Jonathan Brower PHD #jonathanbrowerphd Journal / Diary Keeping Keeping a diary is something that only young girls do, right? Wrong. Diary or journal (I use the terms interchangeably) writing is a method of self-exploration that is used by adults in many walks of life. Let me suggest how you [...]

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